Saturday, March 5, 2011

Apple iPad App Devlopment

I don't claim to be an apple fanboy, but I really like the iPad as a platform and recently have begun playing with the SDK and developing Apps.

Many moons ago I developed apps on the Palm platform, primarily for my own use, and I am a strong believer in building your own tools. Unfortunately my knowledge of C dates back to a second year comp-sci course back in late 90s and I need to ramp up my knowledge of objective C before I can build some serious applications. As development is all about collaboration, I did what I do best and made a quick and dirty prototype, wrote a basic spec doc, and then solicited a talent friend to make it work they way i wanted it to.

Below is a live shot of Jolt Media's first basic brochure app, Ducati 748, featuring my favorite motorcycle. I no longer own this motorcycle, but now I can carry one around on my iPad.

Here are some screenshots of my specs doc:

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